Download & Enjoy New Hit Single. "SHO WADA" By Jasto

Jasto is in a league with the best. You just might have heard his previous and recent commercials in clubs, street storm and other avenues.
Jasto, an artiste who describe music as food of the soul, he came about his stage name: Jasto when he was trying to define his style of music, has been him which prompt is stage name, a young energetic artiste who does music to make people happy, encourage and touch lives.
Born in the early 90s, he is one of the remarkable afro pop artiste that has garnered acclaim with his world-class afropop songs. His real name is Jamiu Saadu and he describes his stage name as a denotation of ‘Jazz of Life’. Via a Sweet sound rhythm to African souls,
He is an origin of Kwara State, Nigeria and is single, Jasto known as 'Jay' a nick name been given to him by his manager values his relationship with God beyond merely calling himself a Muslim.
He started singing publicly at the age of eight and has never stopped ever since. He describes his music as inspirational music with a good dose of Afro and hip-hop music.
With such combination, the result you get is a standard blend of contemporary African rhythm that appeals to a broad fan base. That is exactly the sound of Jasto.
He is indeed not a novice on the scene. Aside from the fact that he’s been singing right from the age of eight, he has also been very active in his music career and has churned out different classical, pop, as well as club hit bang till date. Those tracks have recorded impressive commercial success even though he didn’t get critical acclaim in the process.
With over 10,000 of his friends, fans, music lovers have his song on their phone either via Download or Release collection of Mixtapes he has features which has gone viral, Jasto is indeed a silent achiever that has been achieving great feats without getting the necessary media buzz. His songs have also be received an appreciated most especially in Lagos and enjoyed rotation on premium hit bang in clubs even though it can’t be equated to having helped his sales.
With such a pedigree, it is obvious that this artiste has seamlessly achieved what a lot of artistes dream to achieve. He has even reached heights with his music greater than where his more popular contemporaries have gotten. He attributes all these to the grace of God.
His sole mentor is “T-Pain” and it’s not hard to see where he got his pop style and thereby mixing it with African flavour of this moment, his afro-tilt overwhelming commitment to African rhythm, he has love for Lagbaja, Usher, Tu face, Lil Wayne, Burna Boy, Ice Prince & Wizkid.
He has also had a horde of performances at public/private events and in school occasions. Among these are his performances at the E-Crunch Show at Stadium Hotel and at the Hang Up Drive in Unilag @ Main Auditorium.
Aside music, he is a Civil Engineer, a Presenter, Handsome, Single and Loving Person who loves eating native soup with pounded yam. He also likes Red, Black and White. The love that flows between him and his fans is indeed strong as he describes his worst moment to be “…When am not permitted to flow with my fans freely”.
The world awaits this world-class artiste and the stage is indeed set for his music. The best part of all these is that he is doing his music to express God greatness and to motivate all youth around letting them know they can reach any height of success in life.
Jasto foresees Nigeria Entertainment Industry to be a more standard level and a well-recognized nation in the entertainment industry and that is why he gave his piece of advice to upcoming artiste that, if you are not of sure of yourself don’t waste your time but if you can, keep doing it cause it will surely pay off some day.

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Enjoy: "SHO WADA"
by Jasto



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