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Architect & Philanthropist Fifi Ejindu speaks alongside Cherie Blair at the Olusegun Obasanjo Foundation “Girl Child Initiative” Launch | Photos & Video

In September, BellaNaija Movies & TV brought you an interview with Nigerian architect and philanthropist Fifi Ejindu on CNN’s African Voices. (click here to watch)
Although a lot of you were more interested in the fashionista side of Fifi, there was no denying her drive in the cause of humanity.
Friday 11th October 2013 was the second International Day of the Girl Child.
Former President of Nigeria Olusegun Obasanjo‘s non profit organization launched the Girl Child Initiative on that day.  The event themed “Engaging the Private Sector in Supporting the Girl Child Education in Africa”, took place at the Bulgari Hotel, Knightsbridge, London, UK.
Fifi Ejindu was a keynote speaker alongside British barrister and women’s right activist Cherie Blair, CBE, QC. They spoke to a select group of guests including CEOs/MDs of top private sector firms, who joined efforts in a bid to make a meaningful and sustainable change towards the advancement and development of the girl child in …

Iyanya gets $25k Rolex watch from his manager, and world's most expensive perfume from GF

Iyanya today got a $25, 000 Rolex watch from his manager and partner, Ubi Franklin as a birthday present. He also got one of the world's most expensive perfumes from his current girlfriend. See the pics after the cut...

Photo News: Erelu Bisi Fayemi 50th Birthday Lecture/Book Launch

First Lady with a Difference Wife of Ekiti State governor, Mrs. Bisi-Adeleye Fayemi is a woman of diverse parts and passions. She’s a gender specialist, social change philanthropist, policy advocate, journalist, facilitator and an expert in organisational development. At 50, she sure has a lot to thank God for. And as part of activities to commemorate her golden birthday, Mrs. Fayemi has just rolled out two books – Speaking Above a Whisper, and Speaking to Myself.

By  Michael Jimoh Speaking above a Whisper by Bisi Adeleye-Fayemi, Amandla Consulting, Ibadan 2013. First Ladies in Nigeria are almost always nobodies until their husbands become landlords in state houses. And once in government as the unofficial second-in-command, they become the most fawned-over women. Some go so far as to be addressed as “Her Excellency”, complete with office and staff to match that unmerited title. Except for a few, rarely are they heard of or known for any outstanding accomplishment or worthy…

An Evening with Award Winning Hairstylist Dionne Smith & Make-up Artist Joy Adenuga in London | Saturday 2nd November 2013

Are you a beauty buff and you reside in London? Then you are in for a treat! On Saturday 2nd November 2013, the anticipated “An Evening with Dionne & Joy” will take place at the Black Velvet, London, UK. Award winning hairdresser Dionne Smith and top make-up artist Joy Adenuga will be hosting a must attend exclusive hair and make-up event. The event will feature live beauty demonstrations where artists share tips and tricks on how to achieve various hair and make-up looks. Other amazing attractions include a fashion show, raffle draws, goodie bags and non-stop entertainment. Tickets go for £ 20 (Regular) and £ 25 (VIP). They can be purchased at Date: Saturday 2nd November 2013
Time: Doors Open 3 PM | Show Starts 4 PM
Venue: Black Velvet, 3 North Crescent, West Kensignton, London W148TG, UK
Ticket Prices: General £ 20 | VIP £ 25
Contact: For more info and general enquries, e-mail | log on to the official websitewww.dionne…

Kanye says He and Kim are more influential than Barack & Michelle

Kanye needs to change his The talented rapper, who used to constantly criticize the media in the past, now seems to love the media since becoming a member of the Kardashian clan. Kanye now loves promoting himself and his baby mama Kim Kardashian any opportunity he gets.

In his latest interview, Kanye explains why he and his fiancee Kim are more influential than president Barrack Obama and the First Lady, Michelle Obama. Kanye tells Ryan Seacrest;

“There’s no way Kim Kardashian shouldn’t be on the cover of Vogue. She’s like the most intriguing woman right now. She’s got Barbara Walters calling her like everyday.” “And collectively, we’re the most influential with clothing. No one is looking at what [Barack Obama] is wearing. Michelle Obama cannot Instagram a [bikini] pic like what my girl Instagrammed the other day.”

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How to run Your Business with Limited Finance

Not all entrepreneurs have access to huge capital, however, the key to success is to do more with less. ADEMOLA ALAWIYE writes on how to manage your business with limited finance 
Learning to live comfortably on a limited budget and income means taking control of your money. When you have minimal money coming in, the rules of budgeting change. The line between needs and wants is clear, as you have less to spend each month on unnecessary purchases. For some individuals, money is the most difficult thing to obtain when starting a business, but it remains the most important asset in any venture, experts say. Unpaid bills, failure to pay employees’ salaries, unpaid taxes and rents, and other unmet financial obligations can put an entrepreneur out of business. They note that one biggest challenge confronting most entrepreneurs is the ability to adequately separate their personal and business finances. The Managing Director, Adax Computer Services, Mr. Adekunle Animashaun, says s…

Tamarind, an Emerging Industrial Raw Material

Jennifer Abraham
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Tamarind is a large fruit tree found mostly in Asia and tropical Africa. Its name is derived from ‘tamar hindi’ (Indian date), as the Arabs called it after discovering it in Asia. In Nigeria, the tamarind tree is known to the Hausa as tsamiya. It thrives in practically all soil types and could be found virtually anywhere growing wild. Its numerous uses and hardy, long lasting nature add it to the long list of Nigeria’s endowments, still hiding in plain sight. In India, it has become an industrial raw material of note patronised by the pharmaceutical and food industries and a valuable export product. Here in Nigeria, although it grows in abundance all around us, it has yet to be harnessed for the promise it holds for the establishment of primary processing industries that can package the products for use by industry to reduce the foreign exchange currently expended on importation. Some research institutes in the country are currently…

TV presenter, Tracy Nwapa, launches hair line in partnership with Lo'lavita

Tracy Nwapa, TV presenter & producer is not only known for her brilliance with the clothes she wears, but in her signature hair style. Tracy in partnership with Lo'lavita hair have now given away "Tracy's hair secret" to every woman out there.

Do you have trouble finding affordable hair that is suitable for your lifestyle? Do you love to wear hair extensions without leaving your hair out but you still want to achieve that natural effect? Do you love to experiment with colour, but you are afraid of damaging your natural hair?
If you answered yes to all these questions, then Trayciee’s pieces by Lo’lavita hair is for you!
Trayciee’s pieces by Lo’lavita hair are costumed GLUELESS lace wigs made with hard net lace technology designed to blend in with your natural hair line without the use of glue. Too good to be true? Watch TV personality Tracy, so you know how it’s done in the commercial and tutorial video below: To order yours today, visit Lo’lavita hair and beauty …

Be a Money Management Expert

Becoming a money management expert will be helpful if you are considering a debt-free life. Money management skills are simple to learn and can help you to organise your finances more efficiently. Learning money management skills Money management is simply a way of using different financial methods to handle income and expenditure efficiently. Using simple tools such a financial budget, including a spending diary to see exactly where money is going, is one of the first steps. Looking at income and expenditure to see exactly where money is going and what can be cut back on should be a priority. One of the most important factors is to set a monthly budget and stick to it. This can be difficult in the beginning but can soon become second nature once the savings become apparent. Cutting back on wasted financial outgoings People who rely heavily on credit cards when purchasing items are simply wasting money on interest fees. Credit tools should be reviewed to see exactly how mu…

Can you afford that foreign degree (2)?

The author of ‘Practical Steps to Financial Freedom and Independence,’ Usiere Uko, continues on the subject of acquiring a university education without going bankrupt
I ran into an old friend some months back at the old wing of the domestic airport in Lagos currently undergoing renovation. He works for an international oil company and is based outside Lagos. He was trying to catch a flight back to his base. We exchanged pleasantries as his protocol officers helped with his checking in. I asked what brought him to Lagos. He came to visit his son at the University of Lagos. I asked him why he did not join the bandwagon of sending children abroad. He sure could put down the money as the rest of his colleagues. He explained that he was not ready for a project of that magnitude in addition to some personal projects he was handling. Secondly, since he needs to keep an eye on his son, the best option would be to relocate his family abroad, a concept he did not subscribe to – runn…

How to Maintain debt-free Lifestyle

Debt consequences
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Staying debt free is never an easy option and for most people, overspending each month is the norm. Using these 10 tips may help you to stay debt free this year and in the future. Ditch the credit card Credit and store cards will eat your money if you don’t pay them off every month. Interest charges basically mean you are giving lenders your hard earned salary. Missed or late payments mean the lenders are having a bonus month with your money. You are essentially paying extra for your purchases when paying an interest. Avoid this by paying with cash or using debit cards.
Always pay more than the minimum payment If you must use credit or store cards, then make sure you pay more than the minimum payment each month. Lenders love minimum paying customers as it means that the customer is hooked for a longer period by simply paying the interest each month.
Avoid impulse spending Impulse spending is a nasty habit and can lead to high level…

Sheyman Releases New Promo Pictures

Ahead of the release of his new single, ‘Oluwa Wa’ scheduled to drop on Friday November 1, 2013 talented artiste and hit maker, Sheyman has released his new promo pictures. His last single, Paper Remix featuring Davido still remains one of the most played songs this season. See more photos after the cut...

Olamide Releases Tracklist For His Album; “Baddest Guy Ever Liveth”

Olamide has released the tracklist for his coming album, Baddest Guy Ever Liveth.

Creating Business Empire from Backyard

Arinze Onebunne Nigeria has a population of about 160 million from the 6.5 billion of the world population. Even with this, less than 20 per cent are rich while more than 80 per cent are poor. The question you must ask yourself is – what category do I belong? Do you earn enough? Are you tired of being bossed around or filled with the fear of being sacked anytime? Do you want to choose your own working hours? Do you need extra or part-time business that will give you extra income? If you answer yes, then plan yourself out of employment with small-scale animal production. As of 2008, more than 11 million Nigerian graduates were unemployed, yet we have more than 700,000 students finishing from our different higher institutions yearly and graduating into an uncertain labour market. It is a pity because the number keeps increasing. The country’s economic recovery programmes have necessitated a radical shift from total dependence on government for jobs to self-employment. Per…

How to Boost Revenue in Business!

Apart from staying in business, an important goal of every venture is to increase revenue. ADEMOLA ALAWIYE writes on how entrepreneurs can boost income 
All businesses, except non-profit making ones, are established and managed to make money. A business might have other objectives as well, but if the company is not making money, shareholders, executives and board members might consider pulling the plug on the business. Even companies that are doing fine financially should still look for ways to increase revenue. Many entrepreneurs are finding it tough to cope in business. This may be because their customers are spending less due to harsh economic conditions, or because they are forced to compete on prices and have their margins squeezed, or a combination of both, experts say. Established entrepreneurs and management consultants, however, say each business has some profitable ideas capable of making it to succeed. They note that shrewd management of one’s data base of curre…

Common words you should know in Real Estate

Abiodun Doherty
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Words are powerful. There is always a need to understand the language and speak the language of any field you desire to excel in. Real estate has its own peculiar language with its meaning that I believe you should know and understand. The first word to learn is leverage. Leverage simply means the use of borrowed money or capital to increase the value of the property you can buy and thereby increase the profit or gain you can make on the investment. The use of a mortgage facility to buy a property is a classic use of leverage. A similar instrument is what is called margin loans. Leverage can magnify your gain and it can also magnify your losses. When the property is increasing in value, leverage is working for you. However, if there is a sudden downward turnaround in the value of your investment, then leverage can work against you. Because, more often than not, when you borrow money, you have to pledge a property as security and if leverag…

Preventing Debt Problems

Debt consequences
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Many are dealing with various debt issues nowadays. This is usually because of loans and dependence on credit cards. Although many pay their dues by the end of the month, most just pay the minimum amount required which causes high amount paid on interest. This will remain manageable if you only have one credit card. However, this can be very tough to handle if you have multiple cards and several loans. In order to prevent facing such ordeal, you have to learn to plan your expenses and see to it that you manage your finances and debts properly. If you worry about your credit records, you can look for an organisation to help you with bad credit debt consolidation loan. You have to be careful when choosing such entity though because they charge upfront. Ask what they can do for you. Expect them to give you a realistic piece of advice and not false promises of fixing your debt problems instantly. There are many reasons why a person…

Funmi Iyanda finally talks about how NTA shut down her show for interviewing a Gay Man

Exceptionally brilliant TV talk show host Funmi Iyanda has finally opened up about how Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) shut down her live shows after she interviewed openly gay Nigerian man, Bisi Alimi, on her popular breakfast show, New Dawn, in 2004.

I remember this story pretty well. After Bisi Alimi appeared on that show his life changed forever. He couldn't even return to UNILAG where he was a student at the time. He was forced to go into hiding and eventually relocated abroad. Read Funmi's story after the cut...

It’s a good thing my meddling mum took Musibau off his alcoholic dad just before that wretch of a father was sent to jail for raping a minor. My mother went missing a year later so I never saw Musibau again but that’s another story.

He was 15 but he looked 12, l was seven but l looked 10. People generally looked weird in my neighbourhood, but nobody thought anyone one weird – odd maybe but life was odd wasn’t it?

Musibau was the first to run int…