Introducing Konga Super Savers, a special way to enjoy timely Jan. discounts

January is often one of the longest months for most Nigerians, as heavy December shopping and holiday expenses eat deeply into one’s income in preparation for the New Year.

For this reason, Nigeria’s Largest Online Mall, is introducing Konga Super Savers, a series of offers to help Nigerians enjoy shopping in January, running into the special month of Valentines. Continue...

The Konga Super Savers started off with a massive clearance-sales across all categories on Konga and with a special code, readers of various blogs and listeners of different radio stations will be able to enjoy even deeper discounts.

To all readers of PDLB you can enjoy a special discount at checkout by simply using the code “LIKONGA”
Shoppers will also be treated to daily timed deals on the website during this period


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