Mr. See Release New Single + Official Video

Abubakar Christopher Peter hail from Edo State, Etsako Central Local Government Area.
Popularly known as Mr. See is been addressed as Master See by Friends because he sees things that most of them can’t see.
Mr. See is a Musical Artiste who started is musical career back then in 2001 and hook-up with a Gospel Acapella Group, named NEM VOICES, the group were usually known with a song (Awubaba). During that moment anywhere there is gospel concert or event, if NEM VOICES are not there, that means something is missing.
While he was part of the Team, he was their base vocalist with total number of six in the Team. In 2003 he broke up from the group and link up with another group Three Men Harmony which ended up to be two men on the group called (C & C Harmony) an acronym for Chris and Canice Harmony.
Nevertheless they specialize on commercial song, known as Hiphop & R&B, then he does more of Rap while his colleague sing and sometimes they both swap into singing.
In 2005 the group splitted and since then till now he has gone Solo.
However, he has gained exposure and experience far and wide and he has performed alongside with known and unknown artiste like: Cloud 9, Dutti Nature Jeff Q Unique, Young Monesy, Sharp Man, Jerry Rowland, Tapon, Kimmi Ranky, Danni Boy, Rocksteady, Solid Star, Danfo Drivers, Eedris, Lion Man to mention a few.
He has performed @ Street Jamz with Eedris held in Kano State, Aminu Road Sabogari, likewise with Solidstar Rocksteady, W4 @ 22 Road Festac Town and also in a Graduation Party in Lagos State Polytechnic with Jerry Rowland & Cloud 9.
His song is on several mixtapes songs like; Let me see you roll it, Eje kajo and presently promoting a song titled Ibadi E, which he shoot the video last year December 23rd 2013, you can log on to Google or YouTube to watch the Video, just Search for Master See - Ibadi E Video.
He claims to feature big shoe in the entertainment industry like DBanj for his remix on Eje Kajo & Vector in one of his song title Girl you look so fine.
For now keep your finger crossed and expect more from him, meanwhile Downlaod IBADI E by Mr. See below and watch the Video.


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