New video: Shadow D' don ft Olamide - Jumbo

New video from fast rising artist, Shadow D' don. Continue to read more about him...

Ayodeji oluwatosin Ijiwole also known as “Shadow D’don” is a Nigerian artist and entrepreneur. Born in Ibadan but grew up in Agege, Lagos always had the passion and love for music as it was a form of escape for him from the rough and dangerous life of the street. From the age of 11 he started making music on the street and had a following, also the top artist from the area recognized him. He hustled to build his first studio at the age of 15 and charged people to use the studio as a means of income. He moved to the UK at the age of 17 to further his education and graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering from Kings College London.

During the period he was in London, he learnt more about making music and worked with other artists. While he was in London he got featured on the hit track ‘Ta lo sobe’. The track featured big names like Iceprince Zamani, Jesse jagz and Dotstar. He later moved back to Nigeria in the fuorth quarter of 2012 and dropped a couple of single like ‘yepa’, ‘ovakaku’, which got buzz in the media and built him a fan base. He has worked with a lot of artist like Kayswitch, Wizkid, Olamide and a lot more. He is working on his ETP (Eruku ton package) mix tape at the moment that is due to drop late 2014. He believes music is powerful tool in changing the world and helping people have an easy life. Watch out for him in 2014.


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