Tu Brother known as 2B Released New Single

Tu Brothers popularly known as 2B by their fans has collaborated and performed alongside with Sean Tizzle at the Spinlet Open Mic hosted in Industry Nite (@Get Arena) Victoria Island Opp Oriental Hotel and other top acts like Durella, Osupa, Muri Thunder and many more… likewise featured on numerous mixtapes and all stars songs.
Their stage presence/performance is an impressive one with added touch to every events, they recently released SHIO & 50-50 officially to fans and loved ones, the songs are highly inspiring.
Music and entertainment is what they enjoy and have passion for, currently they attracts a loyal and increasing listener base from various places round the world.
Tu Brothers who rep Lagos has maintained a deep connection with good rapport with friends, colleagues, neighbours and fans on the street.
Tu Brothers known as 2B has toured within and outside Nigeria extensively, their loyal fan base especially in Lagos keeps on sharing their song viral, their kind of style is generally accepted by the public and beyond ordinary.
These emerging and fast rising act is gaining a huge recognition and quality attention from audience with their positive energetic and focused disposition, 2B is poised to reach incredible heights in the entertainment industry.
Tu Brother brings to the Social Media space their scintillating voice for Ladies and Gentle men all around the World. 50/50, is one amongst other tracks to come your way.
Do watch, share the video and post your comments. Kind regards to their Music Lovers.
Click to Download: 50-50
Connect with 2B on Facebook: Tu Brothers Fan Page: Tu Brothers 


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