Introducing Hip Hop Revelation - K-Adel

3:07 AM

In the fourteenth year of the Second Millennium (AD), a rapper extra-ordinaire with a voice that would resonate through the ages makes a grand entrance...His name: K-Adel.

K-Adel , born and bred in Lagos, and still in his teens, shows lyrical dexterity beyond his years;  the talented Hip-hop Artiste and songwriter brings a refreshing new style to Nigerian Hip-hop infusing international flavour, with local influences. Continue...
Currently schooling in the UK having finished his high school in Nigeria, he shows traces of musical influences from Jay Z, Kanye West, Drake, Notorious B.I.G and Tupac in his music, but adds his unique flavour that is bound to set him apart in the industry.

Brace yourself….
K-Adel is coming…
07/08/14...the Chronicles begin!
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