Tunde Obe's advice to Nigerian celebs who live above their means

In a recent interview with Encomium magazine, music artist Tunde Obe said any artist who owns a car that the quarter of its cost price isn't in their account, is a failure. He made the statement when he was asked what his advise is to artists who pay millions to live in rented apartments.
"When Wunmi and I started, we could have afforded to rent an apartment on the Island considering the kind of money we were making that time but we were living in Gowon Estate, Ipaja, Lagos where we paid minimal rent so we can save for our basic needs. It wasn't a day's journey. Many artiste don't get it right. You are driving a car you don't have quarter of its total cost in your account, you are a failure. My advise is that they should not live above their means or income. And those who are doing very well now should invest wisely because no condition is permanent" he said


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