Jekomodance contest extended: 10 more days to win $4999.99

Dynamyt and Wildlife Records are giving you a chance to still let them know. The Jekomodance contest has been extended for ten more days!! You still have a chance to win $4999.99 by just creating your own original Jekomodance. There have been many entries into the contest but only one will be chosen, you have ten more days to win $4999.99!! Continue to see how you can win...

All you need to do is:
1. Download Jekomo by Dynamyt (
2. Create your own Jekomo dance based on the song
3. Upload your best JEKOMO dance video of you or with your friends on Youtube or Instagram with the #JekomoDance and tag '@damilareDYNAMYT'
4. In TEN DAYS the WINNER will be announced!!

Get creative, anyone absolutely ANYONE can win $4,999.99 in the next ten days!

For more details and videos visit and follow @DamilareDYNAMYT or @wildlifemusicng.


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