Madonna Joins the Voices against Baga Crisis, Says ‘Naija Ni Mi; I am Nigeria’

Pop Star Madonna is another International celebrity who is adding a voice to that of Nigerians as we protest against the continuous killings of innocent civilians by Boko Haram.

She posted a picture on her Instagram page and captioned ‘The people of Nigeria matter too! I am not just Charlie #iamnigeria ❤️#rebelheart’

She added, ‘Why aren’t we talking about Nigeria? Boko Haram has killed 2000 people in an attack in Northern Nigeria! Barbaric and heartbreaking! We must stop the violence and support Nigerian people! #iamnigeria#revolutionoflove’

Madonna also showed some love to Malawi for the recent flooding, ‘Say a prayer for Malawi! Terrible floods have killed 48 people and destroyed the homes of 23,000! Stay tuned for how to help! #livingforlove’

In the past few days other international stars like Nicki Minaj, Solange Knowles, Meek Mill, Boris Kodjoe and more have also spoken out for Nigeria.

Photo Credit: Insatgram


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