The NoiseMaker wants Ladies to Respect Their Men’s Privacy, “Going Through Your Man’s Phone Means You Don’t Trust Him – Don’t Do It!”

Yemi Akisanya The NoiseMaker 
It’s the second-to-last episode of this season of The NoiseMaker!
In today’s episode Yemi Akisanya talks about going through your partner’s phone. “Don’t do it!”, he says.
He says you will get more information than you bargained for – debts, cheating and other issues. In fact, he thinks it will give you a reason to break up with the person.
He also addressed people that don’t mind their business when it comes to others’ relationships.
Do you agree? Isn’t information ‘power’ – a great tool to know the person you’re REALLY dealing with?

The NoiseMaker is produced by ToksVisions.


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