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Deluxe Nightclub Quilox, Re-Opening

July 31st is set to see Quilox re-open its doors in style and glamour with an event that is definitely going to be the talk of the town as it begins the club’s 3rd season. The first purpose built nightclub to be set up in Nigeria, Quilox has an exceptional and unique location, offering first-class experience to its guests. Quilox nightclub embodies luxury and the quality of their clientele is a testament to this.

Following their scheduled break, which makes room for two club seasons in a calendar year as well as an extensive renovation programme and recruitment of new staffs, Quilox presents the metamorphosis of its club which reveals its “New face and New cast, while still under the Same Director at the Same Location”.

The newly improved décor and new staff will give its customers a brand new unforgettable experience with the provision of exceptional service. The re-opening is tagged “Quilox Season 3” and will be attended by celebrities, HNI’s, political office holders who will be we…

New NdaniTV Series 'One Chance - Wednesdays at Noon' is set to thrill!

One Chance follows the story of a group of friends who board a late night bus home only to discover that they have fallen victims to a late night robbery expedition. Things however take a left turn for the worse when one of the passengers is accidentally killed and the robbers decide they'll be spending more private time with the passengers aboard the bus...

One Chance stars Akah Nnani and Bella Rose Okojie. One Chance launches as part of the #NdaniSeriesBouquet on NdaniTV on Wednesday 15th July 2015

Photos: Comedian Lepacious Bose Now Reduce Weight

For those who know her, she used to be really big. Well done to her for making the effort. See more pics after the cut...

This is what she used to look like...